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Eric Holthaus

Eric Holthaus (he/they) is Currently’s founder, he started Currently in June 2021 after years of working to change the narrative of the climate emergency away from dystopia and towards radical possibility. Eric is a meteorologist, climate journalist, and author of THE FUTURE EARTH.

He received his meteorology degree from Saint Louis University and a master’s in climate and society from Columbia University. Eric lives in Minneapolis with his partner Erin, their kids Lucas, Colin, Roscoe, and Zeke, their two cats Alaska and Pringles, their hamster Reggie, and a tank full of fish.


Anthony Torres Black and White Head Shot

Anthony Torres

Anthony Torres (he/him) is the Director of Science overseeing global science operations at Currently.

Anthony received his BSE in Meteorology at the University of Michigan where he is also a doctoral candidate in climate science. He was awarded NASA’s Earth and Space Science Fellowship to study ways to improve estimates of the exchange of carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and land and oceans using satellite data. As an undergraduate, Anthony spent a summer traveling across the US central plains collecting measurements within nighttime thunderstorms in the PECAN field campaign. His passion is understanding the connections between everyday weather and long-term changes in climate.

Abbie Veitch, Black and White Head Shot

Abbie Veitch

Abbie Veitch (she/they) is Currently’s Editor in Chief. She manages Currently’s online publications and newsletters. She also writes stories for Currently — working to connect extreme weather to the climate crisis and telling stories about how climate affects communities. 

Prior to Currently, Abbie worked as a journalist and in the communications department of several environmental nonprofits. She has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and communications from American University.

Megan Montaro, Black and White Head Shot

Megan Montero

Megan Montero (she/her) is Currently’s Chief Meteorologist. She oversees Currently’s meteorologists and daily weather products. Megan has a decade of experience in television, radio, digital, and print news media — forecasting for wide audiences. She’s covered it all from Category 5 hurricanes, tornado outbreaks, wildfires, and just your average sunny day in her time as a meteorologist. 

Megan earned her degree in meteorology with a minor in mathematics from MSU Denver where she was trained with an emphasis on mountain meteorology. She also holds a bachelor’s in broadcast and digital media from Gonzaga University where she learned how to present media from a social justice perspective. Megan is passionate about using weather and media to help marginalized and underserved communities.

Megan is Latina and speaks English, Spanish, and French. She writes two newsletters for Currently including our Denver newsletter and “The Joy-filled Journey.”

Meg Ruttan Black and White Head Shot

Meg Ruttan

 As the director of community engagement, Meg Ruttan works directly with the Project Mushroom community and writes the Project Mushroom newsletter. She spearheads climate justice initiatives and builds relationships between Currently and its grassroots partners. She brings her years of climate activism and organizing to Currently — having organized toward police abolition, housing rights, and climate action in her Southern Ontario community.

She lives with her very patient partner, beautifully loud son, three needy cats, and a grumpy fish. In her spare time, she grows flowers for bumble bees.

Charni-jah Clarke

Charni-jah Clarke (she/her) is Currently’s Director of People and Operations. She leads employee engagement efforts and manages the day-to-day operations. She’s worked in operations for over seven years and enjoys cross-collaboration across the team as well as with external stakeholders. 

Charni-jah received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the State University of New York at New Paltz and prides herself on advocacy and justice for marginalized communities.

Katie B Black and White Head Shot

Katie Baldauf

Katie Baldauf (she/her) is Currently’s Director of Marketing & Growth. She leads paid & organic marketing efforts for Currently, alongside growth opportunities. Prior to working at Currently, she has over five years of experience in marketing strategy, planning, and implementation across various industries.

She also is an avid lover of the ocean, and is an active volunteer in ocean conservation and protection.

Bryan Black and White Head Shot

Bryan Hadden

Bryan Hadden owns Currently’s user experience strategy and the technical implementation of that strategy both as a Director and as a Technical Architect.

After close to a decade of owning and driving products and their implementation for
brands like Coke-Cola and Porsche, Bryan continues to focus on making space for neurodivergent people of color in engineering and product spaces.

Anna Black and White Head Shot

Anna Abraham

Anna Abraham (she/they) is Currently’s Mumbai-based Staff Reporter. She’s particularly interested in writing about the intersection between social justice and climate change, and new ways of communicating the climate emergency. She also volunteers as the Head of Content with an environmental collective called Let India Breathe. 

Prior to working with Currently, she worked in the content and communications departments for several local and international non-profit environmental groups. Anna has a bachelor’s degree in mass media, specializing in journalism, from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Aarohi Black and White Head Shot

Aarohi Sheth

Aarohi Sheth (she/they) is the Newsletter Editor at Currently. Her passion lies in stories about identity, culture, and the intersections between climate change and justice. Their curiosity about weather grew after a first-hand experience with Hurricane Harvey, which hit her hometown of Houston and led to an interest in how climate and severe weather affect communities. 

Aarohi’s work has appeared in several publications, including Insider, Teen Vogue, NPR, L.A. TACO, and Texas Monthly. They have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California.

Prerana Black and White headshot

Prerana Narahari

Prerana Narahari (she/her) is Currently’s Social Media Coordinator. She manages Currently’s social platforms and occasionally writes stories on the intersection of caste and climate change in South Asia. She is passionate about using film and media to curate climate narratives that can inspire social change. Originally from Bangalore, Prerana came to the United States to pursue her bachelor’s degree in journalism & environmental policy at Rutgers University. She also has a master’s in environmental policy from The New School, and has previously worked in India & the US at various start-ups and nonprofits in an editorial capacity.

Weather Reporters:

Lauren Casey

Lauren Casey is a daily weather forecaster for Currently. She has a meteorology degree from Rutgers University and is pursuing a masters in environmental science and policy at Johns Hopkins. Lauren’s passion for weather was first inspired by children’s author Seymour Simon and his books on lightning, tornadoes, volcanoes and all things Earth Science. Lauren loves the outdoors and traveling to off-the-beaten-path locales. Her most recent trips took her to Tunisia and the Republic of Georgia where she fell in love with Khachapuri, Georgia’s version of cheesy bread. Closer to home, she likes to take her two small dogs, Edgar and Chi Chi, on hiking adventures in the Catskill Mountains.
Dave Epstein

Dave Epstein


Dave Epstein is Currently’s Boston meteorologist. He’s an author and college instructor who has worked as a meteorologist for more than 35 years. He currently forecasts for the Boston Globe, WBZ as well as WBUR, all in Boston. His daily podcast Weather Wisdom is available on multiple platforms. Dave has been teaching meteorology at Colby college since 2006. He also is the founder of Bloomscapes, a landscape design company, and, an online video website for homeowner-gardeners and landscape professionals.

Tim McGill


Tim McGill is Currently’s Chicago meteorologist. He’s an Emmy award winning AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist. He’s been forecasting Chicago’s weather for nearly 30 years, worked at three television stations in the city including WGN-TV, WBBM-TV and now Fox 32 Chicago. 

His forecasts were heard for nearly 10 years on WGN Radio. Tim has taught weather for the past twenty years at three different colleges and universities. He worked for the National Weather Service, a television station in eastern North Carolina and another in northern Virginia before moving back home to Chicago. He also connects with audiences through his blog

Megan Montero

Megan Montero


Megan Montero is Currently’s Denver meteorologist. She has experience forecasting for the entire Centennial State. She has forecasted on tv for Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Grand Junction and many mountain regions in the state. Megan earned her degree in meteorology with a minor in mathematics from MSU Denver where she learned how to forecast for the Front Range. As a Colorado native, she is no stranger to Colorado’s ever-changing weather patterns and loves every bit of it. In her free time, Megan loves to explore the outdoors with her friends and family. You can catch her on the ski slopes in winter or on hiking trails in the summer.

Renée Reizman

Los Angeles

Renée Reizman is Currently’s weather reporter for Los Angeles. She’s an interdisciplinary curator, artist, and writer. Working within diverse communities, she studies the ways infrastructures shape our culture, policy, and environment. She is currently the Artist in Residence at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

Emilio Rey


Emilio Rey es divulgador meteorológico en España y ha construido una gran comunidad de aficionados a esta ciencia desde hace más de 25 años. Fundó digitalmeteo, una empresa pionera en el mundo de los servicios meteorológicos personalizados y colabora con diferentes medios en prensa, televisión y radio. En su tiempo libre le gusta pasear por la montaña, perseguir tormentas y capturar sondas meteorológicas.

Emilio Rey is Currently’s Madrid meteorologist. He’s a weather commentator in Spain and has built a large community of fans of this science for more than 25 years. He founded digitalmeteo, a pioneer company in the world of personalized weather services and collaborates with different media in newspapers, television and radio. In his free time he likes to hike in the mountains, chase storms and capture weather radiosondes.


Francis Lépine


Francis Lépine serves a dual role at Currently as the weather reporter for Montreal, head of Engineering and appointed Data Privacy Officer. He leads the development and reliability of Currently’s web services, along with several other projects. Francis has 15 years of experience in cloud engineering, data privacy and information security. He’s spent years thinking about the human connections to nature and climate and in 2022 Francis went back to University, pursuing a degree in Ecology.
Stacy Blundell

Stacy Blundell

New York City

Stacy Blundell (she/her) is Currently’s weather reporter for New York City. She has always had a passion for weather. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and writes about the weather for NYC during this climate emergency. Stacy holds a degree in writing from SUNY New Paltz. She also loves poetry and rooting endlessly for the NY Mets. Stacy is a tierless advocacy, working to empower the LGBTQ community and fight for justice.

Gary Szatkowski


Gary Szatkowski is Currently’s Philadelphia Meterologist. He began his career with the National Weather Service (NWS) in 1980 after graduating from St. Louis University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology. He worked at several duty stations at NWS for three decades.  Since his retirement from the NWS in 2016, Gary has continued to do consulting work in forensic meteorology, aviation meteorology, and professional development training. Gary has been recognized as a ‘Hurricane Sandy Hero’ and received the Weather Hero Award in 2012 from the Weather Research Center for his work during Hurricane Sandy. Gary received the 2017 Lifetime Achievement award from the New Jersey Association for Floodplain Management for 35+ years of dedicated public service providing technical expertise in weather forecasting and leadership in flood risk communication.
Jean Suriel

Jean Suriel


Analista meteorológico y comunicador climático, con más de 20 años de experiencia en los medios de comunicación. Presentador de Noticias y Weatherman de República Dominicana. CEO y fundador de Agenda Climática, plataformas comunicacionales, pioneras y especializadas en la información meteorológica en el país. Disertante ante la OMM; consultor, conferencista y articulista. Inicia su trayectoria, en el primer canal de noticias de su país, CDN-Canal 37, bajo la mentoría del destacado meteorólogo hispano de NBC y Telemundo, John Morales. Jean Suriel is Currently’s meterologist from the República Dominicana. He’s a meteorological analyst and climate communicator, with more than 20 years of experience in the media. He’s a news anchor and weatherman from the Dominican Republic. CEO and founder of Agenda Climatica, a communication platform, pioneer and specialized in weather information in the country. Lecturer at WMO; consultant, speaker and columnist. He began his career, in the first news channel in his country, CDN-Channel 37, under the mentorship of the prominent Hispanic meteorologist of NBC and Telemundo, John Morales.
Priya Shukla

Priya Shukla

San Francisco

Priya Shukla is Currently’s San Francisco weather reporter. She’s a PhD candidate in Ecology at UC Davis. Her research explores the effects of climate change on shellfish aquaculture in California. She is working with SF Bay Area oyster companies to explore strategies for reducing the susceptibility of oysters to warming and disease. Priya is an active science communicator and deeply invested in improving the accessibility of marine science.
Anwar Knight

Anwar Knight


Anwar Knight is Currently’s Tornoto weather reporter. For decades, Anwar has been tracking nature. He has forecasted endless sunny days, storms and with alarmingly increased frequency, extreme weather, on Canada’s most watched newscast, CTV News Toronto.

Insatiably curious, Anwar is an incredible story teller. His genuine, warm and engaging personality is a favourite with television viewers nationwide. A passionate environmentalist, Anwar has utilized his broadcast platform to help inform his viewers of the immense changes and stresses that nature is undergoing. He produces and hosts “The Big Blue Marble,” a podcast that presents a front-line view of what’s happening right now on our changing planet and the efforts needed to help save it.

Sven Sundgaard

Sven Sundgaard

Twin Cities

Sven Sundgaard is Currently’s Twin Cities weather reporter. He has been a meteorologist for two decades in frigid (less and less so) Minnesota. He has been studying climate change & ringing the alarm bells for many years while broadcasting on TV & digital media. In recent years he’s brought a camera and note pad along while traveling the world to tell stories of conservation and climate change on six of the seven continents. All of this has led to his pursuit of adventure but also prompted him to tell stories on the importance of fighting climate change and saving our planet’s incredible species. He lives by the motto, not only are we the problem but we’re also the solution.

Adam Powers

Washington DC

Adam Powers is Currently’s Washington DC weather reporter. By night, Adam is a poet and climate activist. By day, they’re a strategic marketer mobilizing folks for climate solutions at a DC clean energy organization. Between life and work, that’s where they got started writing, honoring family, friends, and colleagues doing their part for a better tomorrow, today. You can follow Adam’s climate poetry at here

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