Announcing: A newly-expanded Currently Weather Service

For more than a year, Currently has been building a weather service for the climate emergency — and listening to our members to build the kinds of weather and climate services that frontline communities need to stay safe, all while expanding joy and justice amid escalating extreme weather.

We’ve heard you, and we’re ready to kick off our 1st annual membership drive in August with some big improvements and brand new services.

All this week, for every 25 new Sustaining Members (including people who upgrade their membership) — and one lucky free member — we’ll give away a free ebike of your choice (ebike limit $1000). We’ve also launched a brand new referral service that will boost your odds by referring your friends and family.

Become a Currently Sustaining Member — a 1 in 25 chance of winning a new ebike!

Without further ado, here are Currently’s brand-new membership tiers:

$7/mo or $79/year: Member

At $7/mo, Currently’s Member level provides a service you can’t find anywhere else: our unique interactive weather service that gives you direct access to our team of meteorologists — something cities and major corporations pay thousands of dollars a month for.

  • Members can request unlimited personalized weather forecasts during our regular work hours — text ‘join’ to (833) 861-1130 to activate
  • Receive our members-only weekly newsletter, and members-only community perks for our revolutionary weekly newsletter “The Phoenix” and our advice newsletter “Warmly, Zaria

$29/mo or $299/year: Sustaining Member

At $29/mo, Currently’s Sustaining Members are our highest regular individual membership tier — they help provide memberships to organizations we partner with, and they help us continue to grow our efforts to build the infrastructure for our unique weather service, one that combines personal-scale weather forecasting with climate justice.

  • Receive access for up to five (5) phone numbers for Currently’s Q&A text service
  • Nominate a community-based non-profit organization to receive a Currently Membership, free-of-charge
  • Support our efforts to provide interactive weather services at no cost to frontline communities around the world

$79/mo or $699/year: Pro Member

Our Pro Membership is designed to be a two-way interactive weather service that helps you take action before extreme weather hits — saving you money and keeping you safe. We will send you push weather alerts for your location — no matter where it is, anywhere in the world — and be there for you to keep you safe no matter what the weather.

  • Pro members receive access for 20 phone numbers to use our unlimited text message service
  • Pro members have access to daily video forecasts that include a single location of your choice, no matter how small or remote, anywhere in the world
  • Pro members receive a daily emailed weather briefing with detailed maps for their location
  • Pro members receive push weather notifications for a single location whenever dangerous weather is forecast, as well as push weather notifications on particularly nice days
  • Pro tier is perfect for a weather-sensitive small business, youth sports team, or frontline community based organization

$700/mo or $5000/yr: Enterprise Member

Our Enterprise Members work with us to fully customize an alert system that fits their particular needs, and provides dedicated support to make sure it’s helping you take action to give you a huge advantage over traditional weather apps.

  • Enterprise members create a personal weather alert system that fits their needs — including text alerts customized to almost any meteorological indicator or threshold
  • Enterprise members receive dedicated phone support and custom video weather briefings during periods of inclement weather, however you define it
  • Enterprise members receive access for 10 Pro memberships and 100 phone numbers to use our unlimited text message service
  • Enterprise tier is perfect for a city or county emergency management office, a school district, a weather-sensitive medium-sized business, or a nationwide network of climate activists

We’ll also be hosting a live Twitter Space conversation this Tuesday August 2 at 7:30pm ET where we’ll chat about all our new Currently membership tiers and partnerships, give away some Currently merch, and a whole lot more. We’re so excited you’re joining us on this journey.


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