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Record heat for Super Bowl Sunday

Record heat is hitting Los Angeles in the days leading up to the Super Bowl— America’s biggest sporting event of the year. The heat has the potential to break the record for the highest temperature set on Super Bowl Sunday— which is 84 degrees Fahrenheit, set in 1973, in Los Angeles.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a rare winter heat warning, this is the first time NWS has done this since 2006. 

The high has the possibility to reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the next few days, this is 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit above normal highs for this time of year. The big event also means lots of people from colder parts of the country will be in town. This is a public health concern because our bodies take a week or more to re-acclimate to heat. 

The Super Bowl also exasperates existing environmental inequalities. It puts additional strain on vulnerable communities, such as homeless and low-income populations, who are already at a higher risk for heat-related illnesses. 

Meanwhile, the excessive heat won’t do any favors for the region’s ongoing drought conditions. California experienced its second driest January on record, a trend that’s continued into the first week of February.


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